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Thread: black screen on wii

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    black screen on wii

    hi to all I am relatively new to all this right I have a wiikey v1 installed I used the hbc and the downgrade several times before but in this case I went to but the 3.2e firmware on the wii it all went thought all the motions every thing got up to 100%. at the end it said restarting now I left it for a while but nothing tried the restart button but nothing now this is what I don't think I should of done I turned the wii off and restarted it and now I just get a black screen the eject button works and I have got the green light on the power button. im not a 100% sure if I boot the wii with the disc in seems to spin up but if I just put in I disc while the wii is on it want spin. I take it I have fully bricked the wii but is there away to recover it if not can I just buy a new drive and replace the old drive. I do apologise if this is been covered but I have been on the net for about 2 days now and only found bits here and there. many thanks

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    get savemii, and a game with 3.3+ *something like animal crossing* and update

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    ok ill try that so is the wii fully bricked or semi

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    Full, sorry =\, but savemii should fix it, YAYS

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    thanks alot ill give it a try.
    just a quick 1 i have got a mate with a d2pro now he has not updated his wii for 1 year half of his games work but the recent ones dont do i take it i need to update his wii to 3.2 or can i just use one of the patcher programs to patch the game before burning which is is the best way many thanks again sorry im being a bit a newbie

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    you need Cios 37, and IOS 38, 53, and 55 to get all newer games to work

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    i prob wrong but if i give my mate animal crossing pal and he updates his pal wii from the game. will that update his wii to 3.2 and then all the newer games work just thinking out load really. just save me puting all the hbc and every else on his wii just dont want to brick it if anything gos wrong.
    and last thing im from uk do you recomend the best place i can get this savemii from many thanks once again

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    just to let you know when i turn the wii on i get nothing at all not even the first error screen.
    i have played a bit with the savemii free using the gc controller but nothing yet

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    right just a update. i have received my savemii i have tryed it but still nothing the lights on the savemii should turn from red to green but the light stay on red


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