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Thread: Use a different Nand programmer than infectus possible?

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    Use a different Nand programmer than infectus possible?

    May I ask is it possible to use a different nand flasher to flash back to the wii Nand using the back up keys and Nand memory that I made with Bootmii? It is a new wii in 2010 with a full black screen brick and corrupt system menu. Is it ok to buy this type of Nand flasher? 6c68#ht_6019wt_1025

    hat steps would I need to connect this to the wii's nand and flash its program back; erasing everything first before flash it back? Thank you beforehand for your input and help.

    p.s. I decided to buy an alternative of nand flasher because the infectus chip is just too expensive. 140 here and the wii is not worth that much anymore.

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    That flasher will not work. It's a spi flasher, not a programmer for the NAND directly.

    There was a new programmer released recently - progskeet or something like that. That one would work for you.



    Infectus and Progskeet are available from mrmodchips

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