So my understanding of the SD Gecko is that it is a GameCube memory card-turned-SD adapter, and that the WiiKey adapter is essentially the same thing. Whenever I google SD Gecko, many results redirect me to the WiiKey SD Adapter. But ARE they the same? Will they work in the same way? Through Google I can only seem to find WiiKeys for sale (specifically this or this), so I want to know if there are any differences in functionality before I go buy one.

Based on what I've read (or have been able to find), I can use an SD Gecko with my softmodded Wii to launch homebrew in GameCube mode and play backups of GC games. If this IS possible without any extraneous hardware, I can figure out how to do it on my own, but I want to verify: IS this possible? Will it work the same regardless of whether I use an SD Gecko or a WiiKey adapter?