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Thread: Global Support and shared interests WOW WII!

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    Lightbulb Global Support and shared interests WOW WII!

    Hello, Father Christmas sent a WII down the chimney (and put out the fire), managed to salvage it but had to downgrade it with help and suggestions found here it was interesting and a pleasure to do.

    I love the HOMEBREW and having programmed systems myself (educational trackers) using VBA, I'm interested in delving into the WII because of the unique control systems and integrated gadgets. So, new years resolution = PROGRAM WII with HELLO WORLD or something simple like that. Any pointers gratefully received.

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    give this a good read should make you well versed =o

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    Hello and welcome to the forums!!!!

    Good luck with what your trying to achieve, Keep us all posted on how you go!


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    WOW, I just put the THREAD live, and instant help, gratefully received, thank you!

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    Main Page - WiiBrew

    this is the best start for anyone wnating to follow a DEVELOPMENT tutorial to make their own code.

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