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Thread: DVD-R is detected but screen turns black

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    Red face DVD-R is detected but screen turns black

    Hey guys!

    I fallowed all the steps starting with letterbomb, I have a 4.3U system.
    I tried burning Super Mario Galaxy ( along with COD and Mario Kart) on DVD-R's at different speeds, 1x-2x-4x and max, and none worked
    The thing is that when I try put the dvd in I can hear the little *super mario galaxy* and it's obviously being detected but once I try to access the game my screen just turns black. I tried waiting for a while but it's not working!
    Before finding this forum, I also tried using DarkCorp (and then I decided to format my wii and start over) and it didn't work.
    I also tried doing it through Neogamma and screen goes black as well.

    I am pregnant and spend most of my time at home I really want this to work!! heeelp
    Thank yooou!

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    Black screen is a good indication of missing/outdated/wrong cIOS, so me thinks you're not
    softmodded properly. Post a syscheck so we can see what's going on inside your wii.

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    Smile Here it is :)

    Hey there, thank you lots for your fast answer, so here is the info :


    The thing is that I don't get it why it says : Menu Systeme 4.0/4.1U, when I downloaded letterbomb I made sure the system was 4.3U, I made a mistake there or it just downgraded my wii?

    For the games I use this kind of format: ISO Image File (.iso) that opens with Roxio Creator, usually the games are around 4 Gb.
    I burn them with ImgBurner, tried different speeds (1x,2x,4x,8x) on Maxell Dvd-R's

    Sorry I'm repeating just so you don't have to read my first message over again.

    Thank you lots!

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    You have a newer Wii? If so it will never read burned media. and use Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim media instead.
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    I checked my wii and it's not new, well I think so... LU51541659, it's 2006 ? I have no idea what gimp-my-wii is

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    according to Wii Drive Chip Database, you should be OK for reading burned media. Try using better media for your burns as I stated. Gimp-my-wii is slang for pimp-my-wii, but I seen you said you installed darkcorp, and its remnants are still there...

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    I thought that by formatting my wii it would erase it all noobish. I'll try with Verbatim and see if it works out. Thank you lots!

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    Is there some reason you do not want to usb load your games? Disc loading pretty well, you know, sucks...

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    I guess it's just because it's cheaper (15 dvd-r for 8 $) and I rather put my money on baby stuff for now and I tend to lose my usb's or break them. I know it's better but it's hard to change bad habits hehe

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    I think he was suggesting a USB HD as opposed to stick or card, lol. These attach to the rear USB port via cable that typically comes with the kinds of drives I speak of.

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