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Thread: WiiKey Fusion Disabled. How to re enable?

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    Question WiiKey Fusion Disabled. How to re enable?

    I accidentally disabled my wiikey fusion and I cant find any instructions on how to re enable it. I disabled it in the menu screen but how do I get back to the menu and re enable. Please Help.

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    Have you tried disconnecting the SD card adapter and then reconnecting it?

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    Wiikey Fusion Diable

    that was the first thing I tried. I cant believe nobody know how to re enable the wiikey fusion. Its an option on the menu why tell you how to reverse the procedure

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    Not everyone deals with mod chips here. Perhaps instead of complaining that no one knows how to re-enable it, blame yourself for cowboying with it in the first place. Eventually someone should come along and answer your question about it.

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    maybe you should contact their support team! also maybe you can try this...

    Wiikey Fusion Recovery Image

    If your Wiikey Fusion has been rendered inoperable by a bad flash (ie: if the power went out while you were installing the update) then you can also download the new v1.2 Recovery Image from the members area.
    (or wait on the other board and see if they answer)

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    emu is right. Just flash it with recovery v1.2, then update to v1.5 It's pretty straight forward. Did you actually visit the homepage?

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    If your strictly hardmodded only, the wiikey fusion would have to use a reset function, like holding down the reset and waiting a bit or holding holding the reset when turning it on; since it is the button they choose for navigation and selection. Turning it back on is not listed for the wiikey fusion on the wiikey site.


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