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Thread: New free chat program to use to connect to#wiihacks

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    New free chat program to use to connect to#wiihacks

    first off to mods, isnt the connection now /connect /join #wiihacks? i think the other connection tutorials might need to be changed?AnywaysA free way to connect that isnt mIRC is a Program called irssi. Windows - - sudo apt-get install irssiRunning it in Windows or linux is pretty much the same thing. Either clicking on the exe in windows or in terminal typing "irssi" a screen (usually black) will come up wit nothing in it. Type "/connect" Some server info will pop up. Next type /nick "YOUR USERNAME" If you do not do this get ready to be banned for your name not being right. Once the nick is changed, Type "/join #wiihacks"All the same rules apply once within the chat. If you do not change your nickname it will use the default name which is either the name that you gave the computer you are using when you sent it up or the account you are under. If you do not get voice you still need to read and accept the forum rules. If yall like this I can clean it up and and pictures but it really is fairly straight forward. Anyone who wants to try this and has any questions fell free to pm me.

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    no idea why but its not saving any of my formatting changes... /sigh

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    This is unnecessary. will still continue to work, but may be delayed in dns propogation.

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    Its the same idea as someone who wants to use mIRC.

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    There is nothing "new" about Irssi, except for maybe the Windows version, but that has been out for years. Regardless, a new tutorial is under way to address the most popular IRC clients, including Irssi.


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