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Thread: Newbie site Navigation (This is getting silly)

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    Newbie site Navigation (This is getting silly)

    Ok so its been about 4 days since last post... I've been reading non-stop, rules, do this, dont do that. I'm a fairly educated individual. I have picked up some great guides, and life saving info here. But why does the top of the page say I have 118 unread posts, when I click on it it sends me to a never ending list of threads that have nothing to do w me or any of my posts? What am I missing? Are the unread posts actually mine? Do they just generally relate to my previous posts? Why does the link not send me to a list of these alleged posts?
    I think what you guys are doing here is amazing! I have nothing but time on my hands, and would love to contribute. (financial contribution is impossible at this time). Is there anything that a newbie can do to help this cause?

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    Unread posts are posts that you havent read since your last visit. They have nothing to do with anything you've posted.

    Check the FAQ link in my sig for basics.

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    Exatly what blu said...

    see i just logged in and this is what it said!

    You last visited: Yesterday at 11:31 PM : You Have 46 Unread Posts

    enjoy the site and i look forward to you posting and helping where you can!



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