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Thread: Any way to jb ps3 3.70

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    Any way to jb ps3 3.70

    Was searching Around and couldnt find this anywhere. Is there any way to jb a ps3 on firmware 3.70? And if if there is a wau
    Y. Does it include package files? Abd also if it can be via usb. Thnx in advance

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    lol, not hardly, sony has that locked up tighter than Ft. Knox at the moment...

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    Ok thnx. Anyway to downgrade?

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    safely and reliably, I don't think so, something I wouldn't want to do at the moment. Best bet is to get a second PS3 with FW 3.55 or lower if you want to put homebrew on it and use the 3.70 for online play and such...

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    Really? While I do not own or possess a PS3, it seems there are utilities to do so. They may or may not qualify as being "safe and reliable," however. I'd link a couple examples, but such linking is frowned upon. Try googling it

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    It is faintly possible if the original firmware was 3.55 or lower on the console, but as of now, not really all that advised except for the true diehards wanting to risk it... but as a general rule:

    NO 3.56 Downgrade
    NO 3.56 Jailbreak
    NO 3.56 CFW

    NO 3.60 Downgrade
    NO 3.60 Jailbreak
    NO 3.60 CFW

    NO 3.61 Downgrade
    NO 3.61 Jailbreak
    NO 3.61 CFW

    NO 3.66 Downgrade
    NO 3.66 Jailbreak
    NO 3.66 CFW

    NO 3.70 Downgrade
    NO 3.70 Jailbreak
    NO 3.70 CFW

    now with the E3 flasher coming, this could be a moot point indeed...
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    bump, where are we with this today? (January 3, 2012)

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    Nope still nope.


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