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Thread: I need some help

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    I need some help

    Okay, here we go . . . Last year I read countless guides and followed many video tutorials and successfully hacked my WII. I was able to play backed up games by inseting a mini sd card and plugging in a harddrive. I had the harddrive and sd card contents backed up to a harddrive. Well that harddrive crashed on me and I lost everything.

    So my Wii was hacked but now I don't have the SD card contents so I'm afraid it won't work anymore. Also it was over a year ago that I did this, I don't remember anything about what I did. I don't remember what I used, how I did it (except that I had to use a game cube controller to hack it). I think I used usbloader to play the backups and I did have a homebrew channel. It was a soft hack no hardware

    My question is now this, how do I pick up the pieces, what would be the most logical starting point to get my Wii back to where it was last year?

    Please, please help.

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    First introduce yourself here. A moderator will give you a bunch of links of useful info. Then start reading and reading. Then follow the softmod any wii guide.

    Good luck.


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