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Thread: USB Loader as a "shell"?

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    USB Loader as a "shell"?

    I have the USB Loader installed as of last night. Very excited to not have to worry about hunting for disks any more. One small problem: when I exit a game (usually by pressing the home button in game), I go back to the Wii menu. Well, since I am lazy, I don't like having to click on the USB loader channel, and then "Start" before being presented with my game menu. Is there a way to make control come back to the USB Loader app after exiting a game? In Windows, some applications can be configured to serve as a shell, in which applications can be launched from it and when the application exits, control goes back to the shell app. Then if you exit the shell app, you will shut down your computer. Something like that is what I am looking for with the USB Loader.

    Sorry if this has been asked (and answered), but it is a tough thing to search for.

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    Go into GX settings, then loader settings, and scroll down to "Return to",
    and make sure it says USB Loader GX or something like that.

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    Hi mrgibbige. I'm sure you can configure priloader to return to your loader.


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