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Thread: Gamecube Backup Loader Causes Restarts

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    Exclamation Gamecube Backup Loader Causes Restarts

    Hi guys,

    I recently burned a PAL version of a game for NTSC. It is on the gamecube compatibility list as working but when I try to load it using the gamecube backup loader it restarts the Wii. I tried changing the region and the Wii original loader shows "Gamecube" but it also restarts when attempting to start the game. I believe I am using DVD-R's. I got as far as the main screen for the game, but once I started a new game, it restarted.

    I followed this guide for modding my Wii and got Wii backups to work using 4.3.

    Would love to play some gamecube games again! Thanks so much guys

    EDIT: I found this troubleshooting guide Troubleshooting.The very first question on there is what's happening to us. Problem is, I don't know what the MIOS patcher is, if it is compatible with the softmod I used, and how to install it. Anyone that can give me the quick solution to which one I need with a guide to install? Thanks!
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    linky :)

    heres a linky to info you need;


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    Quote Originally Posted by 1saac View Post
    heres a linky to info you need;


    I actually ended up performing that shortly after, but for some reason I cannot load zelda collector's edition (or wind waker) properly. I have an NTSC Wii and the games are PAL, I've tried SO many settings in neogamma 9 and the furthest I got was being able to load the game in color but SUPER laggy. Otherwise I load it in black in white, and it works smoothly. Anyway to fix this? Maybe if I could change the region to NTSC?



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