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Thread: Installing IOS58

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    Installing IOS58


    I recently have been trying to install IOS 58 in order to properly use WiiMC, which shows a warning when loaded. However, when trying to install via the IOS58 installer found on the Homebrew Channel, I received an installation failed message.
    Here is some information from Syscheck:

    Region: NTSC-U
    System Menu: 4.0/4.1u
    Priiloader installed
    Homebrew channel 1.0.8 running on IOS37

    Also, when scrolling down on the report, Syscheck shows that I have IOS58 (rev 6176) installed with USB 2.0 listed where patches would be listed.


    I also have BootMii at boot2 if that changes anything.
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    You have to reinstall Homebrew after installing IOS58. Re-run the hackmii installer.

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    Hey thanks, it worked!

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    another satisfied customer cjizzle, good job. Thread closed.


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