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Thread: Changing my D3-2 drive

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    Changing my D3-2 drive

    Hello guys

    I just bought my Nintendo Wii, tried to play some backup GC discs, but i discovered that my DVD drive is a D3-2, so i can't play backup games and i really wanted to play GC games anyway.

    So I was checking ebay for some other drivers, and found a lot of D2C drivers, and i'm thinking about getting one.

    Do you think it will be ok? Is it easy to replace the driver?
    And i will be able to play GC backups??
    Is D2C the best driver i can get or do you guys have any other suggestion?


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    Swapping the Drive is VERY VERY easy (can be done in 15min)

    Just make sure you get a person on ebay that has good feedback

    and yes you will be able to play GC backups!

    or just stick with the one you got and play the original discs you have


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