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Thread: updating bootmi v2hi,

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    updating bootmi v2hi,

    hmmm just realised my bootmii in boot2 is v2, so need to update to v4 so fully compatible... not to sure on how to... any help...

    do i just grab latest release of hackmi installer?
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    BootMii is public beta 6 at the moment.

    I believe you're talking about your boot2 version instead.

    If you update boot2 to v4, you will no longer be able to use BootMii as boot2.
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    There is no reason to update your bootmii Version!!!

    If you have bootmii as boot2 there is no need for V4 or anyother...

    I'd say just leave it be.... Is there a problem that you are having that you thought about this update???


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