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Thread: Setting up the forwarder

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    Setting up the forwarder

    I did introduce myself in the introduction thread, and I received the email with all the links. Thanks. That helped get me started.

    I am setting up my WiiHDD by following the instructions here:

    So for I have been able to install the HBC using the mailbomb method (I am on 4.3U). My HDD is still connected to my computer and has been formatted FAT32 (930GB).
    Now I am up to the "Forwarder Channel Installation/HBC Loading" part. Now my questions:
    #1. At the very top of this section it says to install the "Hermes cIOS222/223 or cIOSx Rev 19 or 20". Which of those should I install? Hermes cIOS222/223? cIOSx rev 19? cIOSx Rev 20?

    I went to the "EXTRAS" link ( And saw the instructions for Hermes. The instructions looked like they could be out of date, so I googled Hermes and sure enough, there are plenty of sites that seem to refer to newer versions. Only, I can't tell which one seems to be to most recent. They all use slightly different methods.
    #2. What is the correct way to install Hermes and what is the latest version?

    Step 2 of the Forwarder channel installation says to install one of the RARs.
    #3 What's an RAR? How do I decide which one to install?

    I am usually really good at this type of thing, so I humbly apologize for the inconvenience.

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    Hi MrGibbage. So Many choices with your Wii, First one is... What are you aiming to do with your wii ? Play your originals from Backup discs. Play with NeoGamma backup launcher.....Rip your discs to a Hard drive. play with usb loader there are many. Run a hard drive to play music view photos, surf the net. CE player, WiiMc....... BBC I player, Emmulators.

    Give a few clues if you need some help then the specialist comments will come raining to you.

    If you followed Mauis guide you should read to the end all of the + spoilers I'm sure it tells you that you have all you need to get going, Cios FAQ what this mod installs

    Read Read And Read Again it's all there for you to research

    Good luck ENJOY your Wii !
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    Duh. Good pint. I definitely should have said that the first time.

    I want to be able to run my wii games from a hard drive. I am oh-so-tired of looking for missing disks. I want to have a nice menu from which I can choose which game I want to play, click on it, bada-bing, bada-boom, game time!

    Thanks for replying

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    I use CFG loader and also GX loader. Check out the Hdd setup guide on here

    You will need to add a forwarder, Check out both choices from above, I prefer CFG as it has never let me down, I install my forwarder WADs with wad manager 1.7, ( you can use other options) Then I put CFG version.xxxx files on my FAT 32 primary ,active. HDD root Plug it in Rip your games to HDD choose which GUI suits your passion and away you go.

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    That HDD tutorial is the one that I am using. As I mentioned in the OP, I am stuck at the forwarder section. That section mentions needing to install hermes cIOS222/223 or cIOSx Rev 19 or 20. I need to know which of those I need to install, and where the updated installation instructions are for them. The hermes instructions here ( seem out of date because there is a version 5.1 that has been released.

    Grandpa1959, I appreciate you taking the time to help me. I just hope that I can get past this part. I feel like I am close!

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    Ok MrGibbage. Lets try to get two old buddies working for the same goal. This is how I do It, There are allways other options. ie: I use CFG loader. So you will need a CFG forwarder WAD, eg.USB LoaderCFG - UCKF - IOS58 v10.wad
    I install this using wad manager 1.7. This will give you a CFG forwarder logo on your wii menu.
    have a look here Configurable USB Loader -
    You will need to set up your hard drive. I use Easeus Partition manager, Format drive to FAT 32 set as primary and Active.

    Then on the root of your HDD.( first thing that opens when you click your drive in my computer). You need three folders. one called Apps, one called USB-loader, and one called wbfs. Your usb boot.dol etc is in apps. All the cover images, config control type stuff is in usb-loader. Then your games will rip into the folder called wbfs, once you have sourced your info, Un RAR them into folders, on your pc, Not sure now pc you are ??????. Have a go you can, educate an old dog. i'm 52 Then copy them to you hdd. If games do not load. you may have to change the main boot IOS. I'm not sure how you have your IOS set up. I guess you realise you can put differebt Cios into each Slot. ie, Hermes in 222,223,224, d2x into 247,248,249,250, all with suitable Base levels. Man it's multi optional. like I said before how far do you want to go.??? I wish I knew how to post pictures, It's easier to explain. LOL, To load Wads I have a 2gb sd card with a load of different Apps which open with HBC, A folder called WADS An app called Wad manager 1.7 you can of course put it all on your HDD and still open it with HBC channel. limitless. explore you will learn lots.

    Enjoy your Wii :-)
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    OK, I must be blind and/or just a noob, but I can't tell if I installed USBLoader GX as a forwarder or a channel. How can I tell? From what I read, I want to install it as a forwarder.

    Now, if I do install it as a forwarder, will I be able to set up easy browsing access from the main Wii menu? Or will I have to go through homebrew each time?

    Grandpa, thanks again for all your help. Us old guys gotta stick together (I'm 46).

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    On your harddrive (file name: Bliepo.crazy)
    Well, disconnect your drive, click on the channel and see if it loads. If it does, it's the channel, if it doesn't, it's the forwarder.

    If you install the forwarder, you can access GX from the wii menu.
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    I am still copying my games over, but I took a break to see if the games were working. I exited out of USB Loader CFG and went back to the Wii menu. There are no new channels/icons other than the homebrew icon. I went back into homebrew and restarted USB Loader CFG and I can indeed run games from there. @Bliepo, I wasn't able to do as you asked because there is no USB Loader CFG channel to load.

    Any idea where I went wrong? I downloaded USBLoadegCFG - UCXF - IOS58 v11.wad, put that on my SD card and run it from HB. That works fine, but of course I'd rather have an icon on the main menu.

    Since I don't have a channel for the USB Loader, can you tell if I have installed it as a channel (probably not) or as a forwarder? My guess is "forwarder", but I am not 100% sure.

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    I got it all working! Thanks, everyone, who helped.


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