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Thread: Sony To Release Cheaper PSP Model

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    Sony To Release Cheaper PSP Model

    Sony is banking in on what Nintendo has lost with the latest DS generations, which is the younger audience. They showed off the newest PSP, which is called the PSP-E1000. It was designed without WiFi support, which knocks it down to around $160 USD (89). Sony Europe has state that this edition is intended for younger aged people, like teens and college-aged groups. Here is what their executive had to say about the new device.
    You will see the audience skew younger, At 99/89 it will make a great Christmas gift. Its a device to play UMD games.
    Its all for the audience. If we are going to take PSP very young teens and much younger they are happy to just play the game. If taking Wi-Fi out is the price to pay, were happy to. The 99 price tag is a real barrier that weve got under which will help us lift off
    The device has no release date set, but it should come out before the PlayStation Vita, which is aimed for an early 2012 release. As of yet, it seems to be only set for release in Europe without Japan or US being listed. However, the UK might be their debuting country as a test run. Hopefully more info will come out with more info shortly on it.
    How do you feel about this new model? I think the concept is decent, but as so many pointed out that you could buy a used one with WiFi for about the same price, if not cheaper. But I do applaud Sony for trying to think outside of the box and fit all budgets in. That is something more companies need to follow. I hope they have success with it and are able to launch it all around the world. Here is to Sony and their new model of the PSP!

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    I am very impressed with it, you can hack it to to Pro 6.6 - though I had to sacrifice one of these as it got bricked when using a custom wave. But I took the risk with a new psp using some custom themes. Phew


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