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Thread: Customizmii Resizeing logo.tpl Problems

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    Customizmii Resizeing logo.tpl Problems

    Hi ill try to explain my problem as clearly as possible. Im currently making a set of forwarder channels covering all the Retro Console emulators, I intend to upload these for all, once complete but im having trouble resizing logochan.tpl
    The original size of the file is 112x32 and what iv done is right clicked on the logochan.tpl clicked resize file and put in 128x96 navigated to the new image 128x96 and then gone on to create the wad, but once i install it on the wii im getting a squashed logo that has been resized back to 112x32 anyone have any ideas!

    Does the icon.brlyt file under layout tab have any control over the sizeing and if so how do i go about editing it.


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    Im not that familiar with the file extension but don't you need to resize the img in a graphics package that can open .tpl?

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    Customizemii expert needed

    The file was edited in Photoshop in the correct format png and sized 128x96 and the logochan.tpl was resized to 128x96 but im still getting 112x32 on the final result.

    Here are the sizes they are.

    Banner 590x332
    Icon 128x96
    Logo 112x32

    What im trying to do is get the logo to 128x96 to match the icon size.
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