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Thread: Dragon Quest X to trek Wii, Wii U in 2012

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    Dragon Quest X to trek Wii, Wii U in 2012

    Square Enix Holdings Co. this week said it will release Dragon Quest X to Nintendo Co.’s Wii and Wii U hardware.

    The title is a massive multiplayer online RPG that will feature co-op play and cross-platform functionality between the Wii and Wii U.

    In addition, the title will include Nintendo 3DS functionality to transfer character data.

    Dragon Quest X is scheduled to be sold in 2012.

    Nintendo in June said it will release Wii U, the successor the Wii hardware, in 2012.

    The Wii U includes a multi-core CPU by IBM Corp., a Radeon-based high-definition GPU by AMD Inc., and will utilize flash storage with optional expansion through SD memory cards or an external hard drive.

    The full high-definition hardware can relay 1080p resolution with HDMI or component cables. It will also support S-Video and composite cables.

    The Wii U controller includes a 6.2-inch, 16:9 touch screen that allows users to transfer gameplay to the controller screen, or use the added screen to relay menu items.

    The controller includes two analog circle pads, a d-pad, touch screen, microphone, speakers, gyrophone, face buttons and two sets of triggers.

    Images to the controller screen wirelessly from the Wii u. Titles can be structured to use the controller and the screen at the same time. Examples include swiping a ninja star from the controller that fires to the TV screen.

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    Dragon Quest..... isn't that the old Dragon Warrior game? Oh my, I can't flippin' wait....

    The ability for Wii AND Wii U players to play together is a huge plus and truly a step in the right direction.... they seem to be marketing the new console and games pretty well by not isolating the current Wii owners.
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