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Thread: Semi Brick Wii, no priiloader and newest DVD drive

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    Semi Brick Wii, no priiloader and newest DVD drive


    I had modded a friends wii about a year ago and all was fine up until about a month ago where all the channels except wiiflow crashed. I tried having a look at the various settings but the issue got worse as time passed and now I barely get it past the 'Health and Safety' - usually freezes and just goes black. The system menu is on 4.2E and worked fine up until this point.

    After doing a lot of research on this it appears it is a semi bricked. I know there are a few fixes out there for this but I have the following issues

    - Newest type of DVD drive so doesn't read unofficial Wii DVD's
    - Wii goes to the menu screen about 1 in 40 attempts and whilst I can load .dol's via bannerbomb it usually crashes 4 out 5 times. When you do the maths I don't get to load much up.
    - Forgot to put priiloader on the machine so can't start that up before system menu

    So I figure I have 2 options

    a) Use the SaveMiiFrii technique. As the DVD drive doesn't read unofficial Wii discs then I figure I am going to have to get an official game that requires the latest firmware to update to 4.3E.

    b) Hope somehow that the gods are with me and that bannerbomb launches friiloader. I figure if I can install this now it makes the system menu crashing irrelevant as it loads up before then. From that point I can run the neccessary programs to sort the system menu out.

    really I was just wondering if anyone can confirm if the 2 methods above are viable and also if anyone else can think of any other methods to use.

    Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm not sure if this will help, but it certainly cant hurt anything. Try this:

    Quote Originally Posted by mauifrog View Post
    Turn the wii on, when it says press A at the health screen, hold + - and then press A while holding + -. If the system menu loads you have a corrupted message board or other issue that can be fixed.

    You have two options.
    1- go to the wii settings and format the wii. You will lose all savegames, HBC, other channels and they will need to be reinstalled.

    2- You can try to fix the message board with this method. You won't lose any saves or channels, but all your messages and friends I believe. Download and follow the directions in the zip.

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    Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I've tried the messageboard fix but it didn't make a difference. I overwrote the files that I was advised to but when I restarted my Wii I didn't get any message saying the message board had been corrupted (as was stated in the original guide). To be honest I get about as much luck with maintenance mode as I do starting up the menu normally. It will load up roughly 1 in 40 or 50 attempts.

    In regards to formatting the wii I literally cannot do anything other than load wiiflow. The Wii setting just goes to a black screen


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