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Thread: Bootmii help

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    Bootmii help

    Hello, my wii is a softmodded 4.1U. My issue is that, when trying to get into Bootmii through the Homebrew Menu, nothing happens after clicking launch Bootmii. It just stays at a black screen. I looked on my SD card for the bootmii folder, and it isn't there. Also, the bootmini.elf file, which I heard is related to Bootmii, isn't there either. How can I get bootmii working again? Is it just as simple as dropping a fresh bootmii folder in the root of the SD card? Do I need another bootmini.elf as well?

    I softmodded my wii around 2 years ago, so I guess somewhere along the way the bootmii folder was deleted. Although I have no idea how.

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    Yep, you need the bootmi folder and it's contents. No doubt about it.

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    Excellent, thank you. What about that bootmini.elf file, do I need one of those in the root of the card as well?


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