New LovePlus is still slated for a vague fall release and Konami has a plan to encourageLovePlus fans to purchase a 3DS. Maybe even more than one…

Konami has three limited edition New LovePlusNintendo 3DS models. You can get New Manaka Deluxe, New Nene Deluxe, and New Rinko Deluxe. For the uninitiated, those are the three digital ladies you can date in LovePlus. Pictures of the hardware have not been released, but Konami released three deluxe Nintendo DSi XLs just last year.

The New LovePlus models are bound to be collectable since Konami is not selling them in stores or even at KonamiStyle. To avoid server crashes, fans will have to sign up for a raffle. Win and you can purchase one from Konami’s online shop.