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Thread: Mighty Chanels Mod v11.1

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    Mighty Chanels Mod v11.1

    Mighty Channels is a channel loader for Wii that uses Waninkoko's cIOS NAND
    emulator. It loads your SD card or USB device like if it was your Wii's NAND,
    so you can play your purchased Wii Shop Channel titles from your SD card or
    your USB HDD!
    It's completely based on [triiforce - triiForce a open source channel loader - Google Project Hosting Triiforce].

    * Minimalist & fast GUI
    * Downloads images [http://wiitdb WiiTDB]
    * A button: play game
    * 1 button: configure game
    * 2 button: sort games by system
    * B button: sort games at your own
    * HOME button: Home menu
    * Requires d2x cIOSs

    Prepare virtual NAND
    Mighty Channels requires a virtual NAND to load channels. There are different
    methods to get a copy of our real NAND and turn into into a virtual one for
    Mighy Channels:
    * Method 1: Extract it directly with Simple FS Dumper 0.42 (using Full mode)
    * Method 2: Extract a NAND copy made by BootMii with ShowMiiWads
    Both methods will give you a list of files and directories that we will have
    to place in the SD or USB root in order to run it with Mighty Channels.
    * If the channels we want to play were not on the real NAND when we made the
    copy, we can install new channels in .wad format later using ShowMiiWads in
    the virtual NAND.

    * All Virtual Console games work.
    * ~90% WiiWare games work.
    * If a WiiWare games does not work for you, the 'Load apploader' option in
    the configuration menu (press 1 button) can solve it in most cases. The
    other options should not affect compatibility.
    * Some games need an already created savegame before doing the NAND dump.
    Mighty Channels automatically creates the savegames for some of these games.
    * d2x users can try to install cIOS using different bases, some games
    only work using certain bases.
    * Wi-Fi connection during game does not work correctly.

    Changelog 11.1 MOD
    * Added a check for d2x,now only these cIOSs are supported.
    * Now with the cache MC boots faster .
    * Added CoverMode,now the GUI is better.
    * Now it's possible download covers.
    * With B (Wiimote/GC PAD),it's possible cancel the download of the covers.
    * Fixed apploader games,now boot correctly with apploader method(default).
    * Added Return to channel ,always on(AUTO).
    * A lot of minor optimizations (more stable).
    * Improved Ocarina From NAND (not tested).
    * Added Sneek's Video Patch Modes.
    * Compiled with the lastest lib and devkitPro.
    * Code cleanup and minor changes ...

    Download Mighty Channels Mod v11.1

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