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Thread: Games unexpectedly freezing that have been working before (as in a day or two before)

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    Question Games unexpectedly freezing that have been working before (as in a day or two before)

    I have only specificically seen this issue with two games so far, Punch Out freezes during the pre-fight animations with King Hippo, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games freezes at random points, but specifically if I select figure skating, after selecting game options, at the venue (location) loading screen, I hear the crowd and it sticks, have not tested other games so far, but I suspect the same is true for all.

    Steps I have taken: 1) Suspected the wii of overheating, turned off and did not play for 24 hours, made sure unit was well ventilated. No change.
    2) Moved games to brand new hdd, WD Elements SE 500GB (taken directly from wii usb device compatibility list.) No change.
    3) Tried a different loader, was using usb loader gx 2.2 build 1100 ios 249, and tried Cfg Loader v.70 ios 249, No change.
    4) Re-downloaded and reapplied d2x v6 as follows: base 56 installed in 249, base 57 installed in 250. No change.

    My games are still freezing and now I am at a loss, if I have to rerip, this will be the second time. The first time was when my WBFS partiton failed, since then, I have been using FAT32, both with the old drive, and the new elements drive. Is my wii toast? its only a little over a year old. I came late to the modding scene, anyway, any help is greatly appreciated!

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    If it's only those 2 games I would guess bad rips. Maybe your original has some flaws that only affect the rips. Do they freeze when you run original discs?


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