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Thread: Usb hdd 3.0 / 2.0

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    Usb hdd 3.0 / 2.0

    Recently purchased a new Western Digital My Passport Essential WDBACY5000ARD-NESN USB 3.0/2.0 500GB for backup. I have several Wii's that work with a Western Digital My Passport Essential SE - WDBABM001BBK-NESN 1TB. My problem is when i plug in my new HDD 3.0/2.0 it is not recognized. Yet the 2.0 HDD works fine. Both have been formatted with WFBS. Any insight is greatly appriciated.

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    is the wbfs partition set to primary and active?

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    Here's what I discovered today. I had access to three new Wii's (4.3U blue and black) and one older Wii (4.2U white). All of the new ones would not play games from my WD 3.0/2.0 hdd but the older white one played it perfectly! I think the new Wii's are using crappy hardware and the blue ones don't even have the Gamecube ports on the top! So... yeh, hardware is my guess.

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    I too am having some problems but with the ADATA 500GB it sometime detect most times I have to plug it out and back in I get best results with USB CFG Loader and REV21 I would like to know is there some IOS's that can be updated to allow these drives to work better or is it some kind of hard ware problem.


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