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Thread: Two .dol/.elf files. Which one to use...?

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    Question Two .dol/.elf files. Which one to use...?

    Hi Wiihackers,

    I have a softmodded, 4.1e Wii, with several channels.

    I am using GX to load my legally ripped iso's. But here's the problem:

    When I load a game, it has a black screen for 2-3 seconds, and then it returns to Homebrew Channel. (loading it from the HBC)
    So I downloaded this:, which was recommended here on Wiihacks.

    So I downloaded it, and there are 2 files:


    Which one should I use, or should I use both of them.


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    Use the .dol file

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    Download the latest version and use the dol


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