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Thread: nand backup help

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    Unhappy nand backup help

    i never did a nand backup, can i do one now,,,,,used that xyzzy and got the keys.txt but i can't get the 4 screens to come up the one with the cogs to do a back,,,,just everytime i power on MMM kicks in and if i take card out and go through HBC with card back in it does the same,,, wot am i doin wrong or is to late to do it now,,,,,GULP!!!!!!!! piggin hope not,,,

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    you need to backup your sd card do a full format and put bootmii back on the sd card and go into hbc and start bootmii and you can do a nand backup
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    thxs mate gunna do it now, do i save the txt file as well as the 2 new files i create

    tried wot u said peire but i just get a black screen when i press home and launch bootmii from HBC
    and it does the same when i power off/on with the card still in the wii?
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