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Thread: Need a challenge? Unable to softmod after formatting

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    Need a challenge? Unable to softmod after formatting

    Hello all!

    So basically I installed HBC with the latest HackMii and the BannerBomb exploit.
    I installed a Trucha patched IOS and a cIOS

    Was 'doing' other stuff in DOPMii

    Then Hombrew was upsidedown..

    Couldnt fix it with tutorials. I didnt have WAD Manager working as the remote wouldn't work. YAWMM fix didn't work either.

    Didnt NAAD backup.

    Decided to format and start again.

    So now I have this:

    No Hombrew Channel

    Unable to install Homebrew: "There is no usable or vulnerable IOS installed on this Wii."

    Unable to update official Nintendo update... Iv tried..

    Also I have the D2Pro chip fully updated if this matters.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Follow the softmod any wii guide.
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    Thank you...

    The "Hackmii-Fix" worked a treat!!

    very happy, am NAND backup-ing now


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