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Thread: An upcoming alternative to GlovePie for PC!

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    An upcoming alternative to GlovePie for PC!

    In the past couple days I've been looking over and over this project: Managed Library for Nintendo's Wiimote

    I've looked around and I did find the program "WiiJoy4FPS". From what I could see of that program, it's pretty involved. But what I'm proposing is a slightly different as far as I know. Like GlovePie, this new program that I'm writing, should be done in about a week, this program will just map Button input from the wiimote and translate that directly into a custom keyboard press. Imagine using GlovePie and Joy2Key at the same time. I'm trying to figure out how much interest there might be in this topic. Because pairing a WiiMote with a PC isn't that hard, but actually using the controller after it's been paired is a whole different story.

    Using the WiiMote class from the code library, the program can read input from any of the remote buttons, any of the guitar buttons, any of the drum buttons, any of the classic controller buttons. The aim will be to have my program have a total customization interface. You will be able to go to the remote menu and choose a button on the remote and select which keyboard button you want pressed when you hit that button. Still trying to invision how to do mouse movement, but I know joy2key can do it, so it's only a matter of time.

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    I'd just like to say that what you proposed is the program I've been looking for ever since I first started linking my Wiimote with my computer. If you could make this work, I would be a very happy end user.

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    I'd F****NG love that, I'm currently using GlovePIE and it's giving me major headaches, high cpu load, on top all the time instead of my emulator when starting it from XBMC. Did you ever get it done?



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