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Thread: Have any of you guys seen this before?

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    Have any of you guys seen this before?


    I have a few problems with my Wii which (I hope) you guys can help me to fix.

    I had a launch day wii on 4.1E

    I have HBC installed for my homebrew but I had not used the wii for some time. I saw online that there was a wiiware game (Moto Heroz) coming out and thought I would take a look at the shop to see if it was there yet. The shop required me to update to 4.3E so .. I took a look around on wiibrew and it said it was safe to do so if I had the latest version of HBC, so I installed 4.3E but now what happens is that I can't launch anything! .. the wii boots as normal to the system menu but when I can't launch anything, when I go into the channels and press launch the wii 'resets' and it goes back to the Health screen.

    Even my retail games - on the disc menu it comes up with the title but when I press start it just goes black and resets the wii.

    I can go into settings and do things in there but of course I can't force a re-download of the 4.3E firmware because it says that I am already on it.

    It is as if the IOS's have become unusable. It's very strange.

    I thought I would see if I could recover something but everything I have tried has failed. Of course as it is on 4.3E there is no boot2 anymore and I didn't have the time before it went wrong to install Priiloader so I have no NAND backup (and no way of using it anyway!)

    I'm pretty sure that if I would just get a working IOS then all would be back as the system menu works exactly as it should ... I just can't launch anything once I press start in the channel! - not even in the shop or any other nintendo channels. my installed VC and wiiware doesn't work either - just resets the console ...

    .. and all this happened just after 4.3E was installed and the machine rebooted.

    If there is any other info I can give - please just ask ...

    Help .. please :-)

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    If you have a launch-day wii, and installed bootmii as boot2, you still have it. You can follow the Softmod Any Wii guide in my signature, and choose the Boot2 option under other desperate options. 4.3 was a bad idea.


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    Can you use the hbc and post a syscheck?

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    Thank you so much for your quick replies.

    Blu - there is no boot2 at all ... I can't access it! On wiibrew it does say that the 4.3 update will get rid of it. With that in mind I was going to install Priiloader as soon as the 4.3 update was complete but I didn't even get the chance to do that.

    narse - I can't do that as HBC just resets the wii (as does everything!) when I press "start" inside the channel.

    Is 4.3 so bad?

    I am thinking I might just have to wait for 4.4 to come and then update it! - then I think the IOS' will be replaced and everything will be fine. I am not bothered about backups or anything, but HBC is fantastic for launching media players, emulators and such.

    arrgh! - just when I was getting back into Mario Kart too!

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    Just follow the softmod any wii guide and install homebrew and bootmii again with letterbomb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RS200 View Post

    Is 4.3 so bad?
    LOL. Well, after all the crap that just happened to you, why don't you tell us? Keep in mind that the system menu has nothing to do with running games. Its all in the IOS and cIOS. 4.3 was nothing more than a Homebrew killer. Also, there's a guide here for updating your shop channel without having to upgrade your system menu.

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    Hey Guys!

    Thanks so much for the replies.

    I actually took playerkp420's advice and used letterbomb to install the hackmii and bootmii installer. It worked! - and I was able to reinstall it, all went through without any errors being reported and after it finished it took me direct to the HBC channel .. so I was able to Install Priiloader as that was already on my SD card. however the end result was the same after another reboot - I do get a drive "flash" everytime I boot now though which I never got before.

    I think what I will do - now I know that I CAN get use of the HBC channel when I use letterbomb is to do it again and get a syscheck of the unit so I can post it here for you guys to take a look at AND I will follow that amazing guide on here and hack it properly.

    @cjizzle - yeah bud, maybe I should of just installed the latest shop wad .. but you know as I don't use it for backups and such and wiibrew said it was ok to install - I just went with that.

    It's funny though that not one person has answered my call for help on the wiibrew forums though .... says a lot.

    Thanks Guys,


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    Hey Guys,

    Just a quick update. But I think it's sorted :-)

    I used the guide on here to install all the cIOS and such and at first it did exactly the same but when I put my other own 8GB SDHC card in (instead of my 1GB Sandisk which I put all the install files onto) - it worked liked a dream! .. my disc channel worked and HBC now works directly from the system menu. I also have to say that I downgraded to 4.1E using the wad file on here (then re-hacked my IOS36)

    Couldn't be happier :-)

    Thanks guys,



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