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Thread: Buying new DSI for daughter need some help

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    Buying new DSI for daughter need some help

    Ive been searching and trying to get info on a flash cart for a DSI. I want something that I can put all my games on one cart so she wont have to carry multiple carts. I think ive found two cards that seem popular and do what I want Im just not sure what the difference is.

    R4i sdhc 3ds
    R4i sdhc 3DS - Fastest Free Shipping from within N.A.

    R4i revolution 3ds
    R4i DS Official ? R4i gold Revolution For 3DS - R4i Gold 3DS

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    They are both R4 clones,i wouldnt bother with either of these.Id get an acekard 2i or a supercard DSTWO if you want a reliable solution

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    thanks i must be reading outdated info. Ill start looking into the two you mentioned.

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    I just bought a 3ds and bought my acekard from here gameplayfun great price and fast shipping. Very easy to setup. I did buy an 8gb mem kingston card from to fit all my games on there for my daughter. I then went to Unique Skin to design my custom skin.

    installation was SOO easy I think my 6 yr old daughter could of done it. just install the firmware on the root of the card and put games on root and your ready to start playing. I did install a skin also (tangled to match the unique skin) which makes it a complete unique 3ds imo.

    Wish you luck.


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