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Thread: Same Game: PAL or NTSC (On NTSC Wii|)

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    Ca Same Game: PAL or NTSC (On NTSC Wii|)

    Hey, I tried searching for this but didn't find anything and was hoping I could get a good answer here. I'm running 4.3u, using Configurable USB Loader (not sure if that matters...) and have a few pal games I'm about to play. I have them set to 'Force NTSC' and they appear to be running well when I tested them briefly.

    What I'm wondering is how does the Wii play PAL games? I don't know much on the difference between the two but I'm reading that there is a difference in framerate, and maybe resolution? They appear to be running well but I'd love to hear an explanation on how exactly the NTSC system plays a PAL game.

    Also, if this question even applies: Is it worth it to get an NTSC copy to play on a NTSC wii?

    Thanks for reading, hopefully someone can fill me in!


    - Dylan

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    You could probably google and find out the differences between the 2 formats.
    The console, after it is modded should be capable of playing both formats, but you will run into exceptions to this rule and/or games that may need additional tweaks. Just look around the forum or search if you do run into issues, chances are it has been covered somewhere.

    Keep in mind that there really should be only an occasion to have to buy a game from another region. Maybe it wasn't released in a particular region. Otherwise you really should purchase the games for your console's region as it will cause far less issues.
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