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Thread: Black Ops running with Smurfs Dance Party.

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    Black Ops running with Smurfs Dance Party.

    I have been playing Black Ops for awhile using cIOS rev 19 rev base 57 on USB Loader GX. Everything worked fine. My daughter got Smurfs dance party and I had to load a custom cIOS rev 21 to get it to work, in doing so Black Ops stopped working. So I went back to homebrew and installed cIOS rev 20 base 57, that got Black Ops to work again but now Smurfs does not. Is there any fix so that I can play both games without going back to Homebrew?

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    Use d2x cIOS or just install rev 21 to a different slot than 19 is installed. You don't need to install every cIOS to slot 249 (overwriting your working setup). OR you can use cIOS 224 for black ops and rev 21 for your other game. Lots of options.

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    I've tried installing it on 249 and 250. Both block Black Ops from running. I guess never encountering this problem has my knowledge limited. I don't know how to make Smurfs run off a different slot in USB Loader GX. Going to "Game Load" and changing the IOS doesn't seem to have an effect in the game load.

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    You're just going to have to tinker around with different setups til you get it right. You can use the dx2 installer to put different bases into different slots. Also, there are 2 different places to change the game load. The first is in the global options for your loader. The second is in the options after you click on the game.

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