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Thread: Wii system update 4.4???

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    Wii system update 4.4???

    Ok - so i used Priiloader to block all network, but then wanted to use MarioKart WFC. - So i re-enabled network - and after entering my wifi details, i got a message 'system update avalable'.

    I did NOT let it update. Is this V4.4? - im currently running 4.3E - But im not chancing the update in case it ruins my soft mod -> anyone dared to venture in to this new update??

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    More than likely it's a 4.3 update and a few of your ios's are out of date. Could also be an out of date shop channel or something like that. Either way the update would kill your softmod if you accept it. Haven't heard anything of 4.4 yet and don't expect it.

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    Whenever I change wireless settings for my network it asks if you want to do an update after the test connection is successful. Go back into priiloader and enable block online update and block disc update. It will still ask you if you want to do a update if you change your network settings, but priiloader will not let you update, if you hit yes by accident.

    You don't have to disable block online updates hack in priiloader when you want to play online. That's actually a good way to take a update by accident.

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    I wonder what forum bug/issue the OP is reporting.

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    moved to newbie section, fail on your junkfail, and you to 420, spending to much time at your namesake it seems...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian View Post
    moved to newbie section, fail on your junkfail, and you to 420, spending to much time at your namesake it seems...
    Infractions all round lol. J/K

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    Hey, even I just had this problem.
    I was testing my wifi connection and it asked me to perform a system update.
    Will it say something like 'no updates are available lol' or stub all my ios's?
    Or is it just some glitch or crap?

    Forget it, its just (rubbish) coming up.
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    Forget the update...

    Some thing we install using home brew channel messes up the version numbers and it doesent think its running 4.3? - it wants to update...

    Personally im leaving it because theres no games out that are requiring an update... - whats the point risking bricking the wii all for a number that appears in one of the menu's... lol

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    Disc updates will not show a update msg if you block them in priiloader and with the online update block you will get a msg asking to update but you will get a error msg if you click yes like Playerkp420 has already explained. The Wii will always want to update because Nintendo don't want you to have the mod not because there is a newer system menu.

    Just get those update blocks in priiloader going and don't worry about it.
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