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Thread: r4i dsiLL v 1.45 help needed

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    r4i dsiLL v 1.45 help needed

    hey guys i'm new to posting here.. was having problems with my r4i. when i put either the smurfs or pokemon on it, it comes up with the err4 code and reset system. i cant get them to work, any idea on what i can do? or could help me with a firmware upgrade if thats what needed? thank you i appreciate anyone's time.

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    Which exact flahcart is it? try the wood v1.36 nds format.Drag and drop the file onto your micro sd into your games folder (dont delete anything) then launch the wood file as you would a game,then try loading the game

    it will be one of these depending on your flashcart

    Wood R4iDSN v1.36

    Wood R4 v1.36


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