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Thread: Wii Console Update Issue

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    Wii Console Update Issue

    Hey guys im pretty new to the Wii hacking scene so forgive me for my ignorance here,

    Im having an issue with my Wii when trying to do a system update to the 4.3 software. Im trying to do it via the official update method as recommended (also tried via Prii Loader) but i get an error saying my Wii has the latest system update already but in the settings section of my Wii it says i only have the Wii System Menu 4.1

    The software i have installed on my Wii (PAL Wii) is the following

    Homebrew (latest ver)
    Prii Loader (latest ver)
    Configurable USB Loader (latest ver)
    Multi Mod Manager (latest ver)

    below is the guide i used when hacking my wii and it was done via the lego Star Wars Return Of the Jodi hack

    The whole reason i would like this fixed is because i dont want this issue to effect me from playing games that require the 4.3 system menu and from playing games online either.

    Any help would be appreciated thank you.

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    If you followed that guide correctly you do not need to update, nor will it let you update. You have everything you need to play new games, since games are dependent on IOS and cIOS, not system menu.

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    Awesome thanks heaps for that info, thats all i needed to know. Appreciate it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronnie618 View Post
    Awesome thanks heaps for that info, thats all i needed to know. Appreciate it
    Thank god for Maui putting all of those noob-safe features in his


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