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Thread: Wii U no longer exciting, Apple’s iPad prove it

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    Wii U no longer exciting, Apple’s iPad prove it

    Probably as the time for Nintendo’s next gen HD console (Wii U) arrives, it may no longer fuel any kind of excitement especially if this Apple’s latest innovation has to go by.
    And that is Airplay, touted as one of the most attractive selling features available in Apple’s range of iOS products. AirPlay offers the ability to stream video, music or photos from your iOS device to an Apple TV which then displays the content on an high definition television in 720p resolution and stereo sound.
    That’s not all, this is where we would like to introduce AirPlay Mirroring. The feature was marketed to stream an exact mirror of the content displayed on an iPad 2 to an Apple TV which a lot of people find it very useful as a teaching or presentation tool. Or is it?
    We all have heard about iPad as a gaming platform and it’s potential to break down those home consoles such as PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U possibly coming next in the line.
    So, what do you think of that really happening as Apple slowly polishing its slick feature with the releases of iOS 5 beta updates?

    Apple iOS 5 with AirPlay Mirroring is expected to hit the iPad, iPhone and other supported devices in Fall this year while Nintendo’s Wii U out in 2012.

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    lol.. ok.. so yuou need the apple console and the apple tv?? what a crock of ****..

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    Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts need at least 600 bucks to buy an Apple tv and an iPad. The Wii u will be like 300-400 bucks...and it can output 1080p...

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    I'll definitely pass on this No interest in buying an apple TV to be limited to 720p. Also, excluding Angry Birds and PVZ, iOS games are pretty crappy


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