Other companies have developed this type of service in the past; typically, they all allow text, video and picture messaging between compatible devices. RIM offers BlackBerry Messenger and iOS 5 by Apple will include iMessage, both with similar feature sets but different interfaces. Yet, they donít support any device made by others, making it impossible for Blackberry Messenger users to communicate with Android or iPhone users, for example.

Samsungís ChatON, on the other hand, will work with every major smartphone platform available, including iOS, Android, Blackberry OS as well as Samsungís very own homebrew OS known as Bada. Indeed, ChatON will allow users to message each other no matter which platform theyíre running, just as long as they have the client installed.

Samsung is being rather serious about ChatON and has indeed packed it with features. The most basic feature is one-to-one text chat, which behaves similarly to other chat clients on both traditional and mobile platforms. Group conversations are also easy to set up, making it easy to chat with many at once, much like whatís possible with other chat clients as well.

More than just text, users will also be able to share multimedia through a feature known as Trunk. For each conversation thereís a Trunk, which organizes all the multimedia sent throughout said conversation. It will even be possible to add comments to existing media, making interaction that much simpler. In addition to Trunk, ChatON will allow simple video animations to be created right from the device using hand drawings, text, backgrounds, images as well as a background music which is also available at the userís disposal.

ChatON will be available in September in as many as 120 countries, according to Samsung itself. While not particularly innovative, this tool might help needing users cut down their SMS fees, but keep in mind that data charges apply.

Source- redmondpie