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Thread: Running Dual Layer DISKS on a MODCHIP

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    Running Dual Layer DISKS on a MODCHIP

    Ok, so I am reading about Modchips and that they use IOS' instead of cIOS.

    So how does a person run a dual layer backup...a ISO file that is 8gig on a MODCHIP? Do MODCHIPS not need these special softmod hacks to run these games? I also noticed that pretty much EVERYONE is running their Wii's off of HDD's/USB's now to run these bigger games.

    How do I know what IOS I need to run dual layer backups? I tried extensive searches but didn't find a single thread that broached this subject.

    Lastly are all Dual layer disk games split using the same layer break as stated in this thread under "dual layer". Is the 2084960 a simple Wii standard? The thread also talks about needing a cIOS file "You will need cIOS38 Rev17 + Or cIOS222/223 v4/v5.1 to get these dual layered games to work".

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