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Thread: black screen after softmod

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    black screen after softmod

    I followed youtube directions from some yo-yo on how to softmod any 4.3. I got all the way to the end and was finished, when i told it to return home the screen went black except for bottom right corner which says 4.3(USA) I can't get it to go anywhere and even tried to unplug it. I think the remotes are unsynced and i tried to resync them by pressing the sync buttons, but I can't get anywhere. Can someone please help? Thank You in advance.
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    Should use our guides, not random youtube guides. You try to contact the author?

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    i realize that now, but was having trouble finding a guide I could follow. I did contact him but no response yet. I was hoping it was a simple solution.

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    I figured it out from the youtube thread. I unplugged it to power it down, then when i plugged it in i hit reset. Thank You


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