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Thread: Questions about WodeFlow

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    Questions about WodeFlow

    Has WodeFlow ever been updated since its initial release? Or are there any plans to? I've NEVER updated it, so I'm getting a little paranoid that I just can't find the latest version. If it hasn't updated, then I have a couple suggestions.

    1) A log of the covers it attempts to download from WiiTDB, that can be viewed in the program itself. It would help me figure out which cover it keeps trying to update and it can't seem to find it.

    2) An option to sort GCN and Wii games separately instead of just alphabetically so its easier to find by system. (The scrolling by letter feature could start with Wii-A - Wii-Z then GCN-A - GCN-Z.)

    3) An option to use a user selected background music. If this is already possible, how would I do it?

    I really hope that WodeFlow hasn't fallen through the cracks. Its been an absolute asset for my Wii since its release.

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    you asked this same question basically in Feb. 2010 at the wode forum

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    Rather than spoon-feeding you a direct link, bookmark this instead:

    ^Look under Ithian's name. That would be your starting point...

    Edit: DUH, wodeflow --- not wiiflow, my apologies. Regardless, same developer/same principles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian View Post
    you asked this same question basically in Feb. 2010 at the wode forum
    Yes, and I was advised there to come here, so I did.

    Nightstah, thanks. I'll see what I can find or who I can talk to.

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    I edited my reply after initial response (me = little faily today, missing that was WODEflow as opposed to wiiflow, lol). That being said, same developer and principles so it may do you some good. It appears the developer calls this home via google search. Might take a look there as well.

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    I was wondering if you was going to catch that, but I figured you would eventually so I left it, lol

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    Nobody's perfect... :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightstah View Post
    Nobody's perfect... :P
    To make your fail complete, here it is:

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    And here I was gonna say something along the lines of "hey, thanks for extending me grace for sticking my foot in my mouth," LOL


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