So I'm new to the wii hacking thing. But I've gotten pretty much everything sorted out. I'm not sure which category this really belongs under so if it belongs elsewhere please let me know. I've tried searching and haven't come up with this particular problem as it is somewhat different. I have a new wii which came from the store with 4.3. Used the letterbomb hack. Everything is working fine pretty much. I have a seagate 500gb external drive formatted into two partitions. One is wbfs for backups. The other is fat32 for media and roms for emulators. The backups work great. No problems loading most games there. But my problem comes when I am using emulators. If I for instance am using an SNES emulator, my roms folder on the fat32 partition works fine. But if I exit and switch to an NES emulator, it can no longer read the usb until I reboot the system. But only on that partition. If I load up a USB loader for backups, I have no problems getting them to work without rebooting the system. Its only on fat32 partition. So, if anyone has seen this problem or has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated. Its not a horrible issue as I can just restart after each emulator but it would be nice for it to work correctly.