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Thread: Warning after updating USB Loader GX

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    Warning after updating USB Loader GX


    I softmodded my Wii something like 2 years ago. I remember that I spent several days reading countless blogs and posts and finally in the end managed to get everything working using some exploit (don't remember which one, it was called trucha bug or something like that) and had USB Loader GX installed which were successfully loading games from my NTFS formatted external harddisk where I added the games as wbfs files.

    i have currently arround 70 games on the disk but I noticed that the newer ones very often simply don't work (just black screen). I'm not sure what's the best way to deal with that - so what I did was checking for updates in my USB Loader GX menu and when it asked to either "Update DOL" or "Update everything" I clicked "Update Everything" and it started to download and update.

    Now, after the restart, I get the following warning:

    Warning: You are trying to select a FAT32/NTFS/EXT partition with cIOS 249 Rev<18. This is not supported. Continue on your own risk.

    when I click OK, the list shows up as being empty, but I still can scroll through the list and select titles (they are just empty / no text, so i don't know what game i'm clicking on). also all entries show "no image"

    When I click on an entry to start the game, the screen just turns black.

    How to resolve that issue?


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    Recently it has been found that the best way to update gx is to do a fresh install by deleting all gx config files and anything gx related and start a fresh install or you can just try what is suggested in this thread

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    GX has gone through a major overhaul since you originally modded your wii. You need to delete the config files for gx and let it make new ones. They are in SD or USB /config/gxglobal.cfg and whatever other ,cfg file that starts with gx. You may want to manually update gx again too, sometimes the online update makes things a little screwy. {Guide} Preparing and Installing USB Loader GX

    You may want to update your mod too. There is a section in the softmod any wii guide ,linked in my signature, to update you softmod.
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