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Thread: Returning after a long absence

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    Returning after a long absence

    I soft modded my wii with HBC a while back. I stopped using it for a while but recently returned and wanted to start using it again. I was wondering if I needed to update my current software, or if I can just continue to use it like I used to. If you need more information about my current specs to help me just post what is needed here and I will see if I can get it for you.

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    If you followed mauifrog's guide, he's got a section devoted to folks who had followed it previously who wish to update it (the softmod, not the Wii's System Menu!). If you didn't follow his guide, that's like taking a shotgun and firing it in a room full of people in the dark.

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    Well I assume you are talking about this guide as the one I should follow

    TBH it has been upwards of 2.5 years since I originally soft modded my Wii so I can't really remember whose guide I followed. I do know it was someone on this site though .

    Would it be dangerous to follow his guide if I did not use it to soft mod my wii at first?
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    Go with Chapter 1, Part 1 --- assuming you have HBC channel installed, click the first spoiler and go from there.

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    Okay I am heading out right now but I am going to try and get this done today, will keep you updated if I have any questions if you don't mind . Also thanks for your fast replies

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    Ask in the guide you're following (mauifrog's) rather than this thread if issues with the guide. Good luck!


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