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Thread: Should upgrade firmware to play Wiifit?

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    Should upgrade firmware to play Wiifit?


    Someone gave me a Wii as present. After some poking around, noticed that my Wii is a Japanese set. However, the firmware is 3.2U (which I though is a US firmware). I cannot confirm it but that someone tell me that my set is modded with Wiikey2. I also have a Wiifit (US ver). When I inserted the game, it prompted that I should upgrade firmware.

    Which is my dilemma right now. Should I or should I not upgrade the firmware as instructed by the game?


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    You should really configure and update that WiiKey 2. When it's configured, you can block updates with the chip.

    It plays just fine on the 3.2 firmware.

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    Very disappointed and frustrated not knowing for certain what modchip I have. Tried the wiikey2 config but it claimed no wiikey2 found. So, now have to try if it is wiikey.

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    you probly have a clone, meaning youre sol

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    Some update. Felt moody last night and on the spur of the moment, went ahead to slot in the WiiFit disc and upgraded the firmware as triggered. Firmware version went from 3.2U to 3.3U. No problem with WiiFit, Mario Kart and Wii Sports (which came with the package). Now cannot play Super Smash Bros Brawl. Something must have happened during the upgrade. Sigh.

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    3.3 blocks fake signed games
    editing the ISO in any way = no work
    brick blocked
    etc = boot + black screen =P

    EXACTLY why we told u not to *if u dont know those terms, use the glossary link in E3's sig area*

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    Then I guess the only way out now is to get a copy of Zelda:TP, install homebrew channel, get the downgrader app and perform a downgrade back to 3.2U?

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    more or less


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