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Thread: Are there any USB backup launchers that load trimmed ISOs?

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    Post Are there any USB backup launchers that load trimmed ISOs?

    If I trim a Wii ISO, is there any backup launcher capable of launching it from off a USB flash drive.

    I have a flash drive with storage space of 2GB. I know that a Wii ISO would not be able too be placed on the drive. I am planning on trimming the ISO, so that it could possibly fit on the flash drive.

    Please help me.

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    Not sure, as what you are talking about is kinda an obsolete procedure. Since you can buy a terrabyte for less than 100 bucks and an 8 gig flash drive for under 10 bucks.

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    Most flash drives/HDDs work although personally 2GB flash drives haven't work for me at all (WBFS wouldn't format it) you could try though.

    Trimming and ISO just keeps the games main files so it can still run at a working speed but some games will be too big to even fit (i.e. Black ops 4.08gb when its trimmed).

    All of this is from personal experience just letting you know i believe there is a list of flash drives and HDDs that work, have issues loading, and don't work at all.

    EDIT: heres the link with compatible flash drives/HDDs.


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