Ok, so I have 2 wii's, one with homebrew and one without. On the one with homebrew, I used "Savegame Manager GX" to copy AC:CF data to an sd card. On my computer, it shows a folder with the following files: "Banner.bin"; "index.sgmgx"; "rvforest.dat"; "wc24dl.vff"; and "wc24pubk.mod". I have 2 questions:

1. What file am I supposed to rename to data.bin? I'm guessing rvforest.dat since it's the largest, but I'm not sure. (I already know where to put it afterwords)

2. Is there a way to "crack" the save so I don't have to put homebrew on the other wii to be able to transfer the data? Putting homebrew on the other wii is out of the question, so I cant just download a savegame installer.

Thanks in advance!