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Thread: SNEEK problem

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    SNEEK problem

    well i trying to install sneek and when ever i try to start it i get a black screen of eternity or the green pixelated screen of eternity

    My question is what could I be doing wrong and yes I've followed many tutorials and only the one on GBATemp worked this far, the one on here and xFlaks modmii didnt work even this far so what am i doing wrong?

    Bootmii is installed as an IOS

    Black screen = starting from HBC

    Black screen then green screen = starting from SNEEK2 channel

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    Have you had nay problems with your sd card before,
    Does your drive light flash?
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    I haven't had any problems with my SD card before

    I've managed to give my self the Flashing drive light, but also managed to get it to stop


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