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    Hi, i am trying to softmod my wii but am confused on what hdd to use, would it be ok to use the one out of my computer, or would that not work, would an external hdd work, advice appreciated?.

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    Will this one work, as all it says is its a seagate external hdd, also is there need to have a 1TB hdd, how big are the games normally?.

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    Go for a western digital elements - You can format the hdd to fat32 ot ntfs to use with the wii and also store other stuff on it...
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    I take it that one you pointed me to is all tried and tested working with a wii console, how many games could i fit on it, what is the average game size?.

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    The average game size of a Wii Game is 4.7-4.8 Gigabytes. You could fit about 200 games on a 1 TB Hard Drive.

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    I have a WD Elements 1.5tb and it works great. I'm sure the 1tb will work just as good.


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