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Thread: Help with Hack

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    Help with Hack

    Okay hello there =)

    I am doing the HackWii procedure just like its presented How to Hack Wii 4.2 System Menu - YouTube from your page.
    In step C where I have to chose the "Do not reload IOS" option it works nice for me. Next follows a disclaimer, then I have to choose the custom IOS installation mode: The vid says I should choose SD Card which is no option at me screen, I can only take WAD installation or network (I dont have one).

    Any suggestions please?

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    perhaps asking them instead of coming here as you are following there procedure and not ours...

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    sack that method off, and use the letterbomb to get HBC, then look for maurifrog's softmod any wii, JUST read it a few times and then go for it,,,,but u will need an sd card,,,so go n beg,borrow or steal one(jokin) lol, they only cheap matey,,,,i'm a noob and it went like a dream


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